The Challenge


Meaning and effectiveness of company goals and work processes are not comprehensible for employees


  • disgruntled customers
  • stagnating and declining turnover
  • uncertainties in the daily routine during Ramadan
  • dissatisfied employees
  • disturbed working atmosphere, intrigues, mobbing
  •  wasted energy
  • "internal dismissal" and work to rule
  • high personnel costs due to frequent layoffs
  • emigration abroad

This not only costs the entire economy a lot of money.

The German Gallup Institute conducts an annual survey of around 2,200 employees on their motivation at the workplace. The figures for 2014 are as follows: Source:

  • 15 % feel motivated
  • 15 % very unmotivated, the rest, i.e. 70 % is neither motivated nor unmotivated.

This study mentions stressors among other things like:

  • Role conflicts - conflicting expectations and/or demands on a person
  • unclear instructions
  • harassment
  • conflicts
  • aggressive behaviour

In June and July 2016, the opinion research institute Forsa interviewed a representative cross-section of adults in Germany for the third time on behalf of German Health Insurance (Techniker Krankenkasse) on their stress levels and how they deal with stress. Although weekly working hours are falling, absenteeism due to psychological complaints such as depression, anxiety and stress disorders has increased by almost 90 percent in the last 15 years.

WirtschaftsWoche of 1 June 2016 writes: "Mental illnesses cost 8.3 billion euros per year".


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