The solution

The solution: Integrative Coaching. So that everyone can participate!

What does Integrative Coaching mean?

  • development of a common mission statement, goal, action plan and supervision binding for everyone
  • getting to know each individual's strengths, motives and values
  • joint determination of the use of the potentials available in the team for the success of the company
  • development of a simple set of binding rules for respectful communication within the team
  • joint definition of work processes in the team and at interfaces to stakeholders

That is what all great companies, institutions and teams strive for.

Why  Integrative Coaching?

  • because an enthusiastic team helps your products and ideas to generate more cash flow
  • because the cohesion of the people in the team makes them all winners
  • because rules provide a secure framework for appreciation and respect

and... last but not least: because communicative teams turn disagreements and slander into yesterday's snow

By the way: Integrative Coaching is also a highlight for teams, clubs, couples and families - let us surprise you!


First and foremost, however, integrative coaching is for:

  • managers and entrepreneurs
  • potential junior executives in a team from abroad

For it also works towards the discovery of:

  • potential, one's own understanding of roles, career, stress avoidance
  • professional reorientation and change
  • the same or new paths for career changeovers and re-entrants





My procedure

  • is consistently value-based: I don't force my opinion on anyone, because I assume that you have sufficient resources of your own for the change you want to make


  • is consistently systemic: In all phases of the process, I make sure that you make concrete connections to the actual topic. In this way you gain valuable insights


  • is consistently constructivist: because it is based exclusively on your reality, your own experiences and values. I do not diagnose, give tips or influence you


  • consistently promotes "sustainable self-organization": for it is primarily aimed at further decision-making competence


  • is result and goal oriented: because it does not mean "talking about it". On the other hand, every coaching process ends with a concrete action plan elaborated by you.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to know more?