About Me



Dorothee von Freier

Why do my customers trust me?

During my many years as a team leader and graduate social pedagogue in various projects in German and international projects, I came into constant contact with team questions, team leadership, team development and potential assessment - and found this exciting.
For me, an organization is not just an entity, but a living organism that can fully develop and unfold. In order for it to be able to fully exploit its economic potential, it really needs employees who work together.

One of the major problems within most companies is communication within the team itself or in cooperation with other teams. Again and again I have noticed that common and binding rules of communication in the team (both professionally and privately) are absolutely necessary for a respectful and open interaction with each other.... People want to be seen, heard and respected.
From this rich wealth of experience in dealing with people I developed the code of honour method.
That is, what you can expect from me:

  • personality development
  • team development
  • communication
  • personnel management
  • networked and structured thinking
  • solution orientation
  • commitment

My strengths lie both in analytical and structured thinking and in my many years of experience in dealing with people.

Today I live my calling as a management consultant, seminar leader and coach for personality development and communication both for companies and institutions as well as for private individuals.

My competences:

  • certified Systemic Management Coach (IHK)
  • certified Civil Peace Consultant
  • diploma social pedagogue (university of applied sciences)
  • speaker
  • field competence through training in the woodworking industry (joiner)
  • field competence through training in the hospital sector (nursing)

   I have: 12 years team management at in Germany and abroad                                                                                                                   16 years project experience in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Poland
                 fluency in English and Russian

My strongest motives are:

  • new insights and the understanding of contexts
  • desire for new experiences
  • to find out how something ends: that's why I analyse and plan precisely

Integrative Coaching for:


  • leaders and entrepreneurs: profile and role, leadership style, career planning, stress management and more